Becoming A Happiness Master

Happiness Is The Greatest Goal

At 1st century BC, Aristotle concluded that above everything else people want to be happy.

Fast forwarding to a present day, we are buying iPhone, eating at McDonalds, wearing nice cloth, going to cinema, looking for great relationships, and doing virtually everything else all for the sake of happiness.

But are we really happier? Today we have a record high levels of debt, depression, obesity, antisocial behavior, and people reporting to be unhappy more than ever before. So what does it really take to be happy?

We Don’t Know What Happiness Is Or How To Achieve It

Today we live better than our parents and grand parents when they were our age. We even have more possibility and higher living standards than most king of the past. Yet, people are still unhappy. This tells me one thing: We don’t know what happiness is or what it really takes to achieve it. This is ironic since it is what we want about everything else.

And so people think that happiness is money, power, great social relationships, expensive vocations, good food, and so on. And while these things can help us to be happier, there are many people who have all these things, but who are still deeply unhappy. Oppositely, there are plenty of people who don’t have these things and who are very much happy with their lives.

Thus, the common understanding of what it takes to be happy is wrong, or at least is incomplete. But, we don’t need to look far for a complete to know what happiness is. Instead, the only thing we need to do is get access to correct information about what really makes people happy.

Happiness Mastery Shortcut To Everything We Wants To Have

Imagine all that time, money, and energy we spend everyday trying to be happy. Now, imaging all of it liberated. Now try to imagine what you would do with that time. For most people this is a hard exercise, as they pretty much spend all of their time trying to be happy. They simply can’t imagine what else is there.

Indeed, happy people have a completely different view of the world. They are not just happier, but also a better people overall. They are living to their full potential, undisturbed by worldly distractions, and they are in the mission guided by their greater focus in life, which makes them more productive and inspiring people overall.

Why You Want To Be Happy

We can see happy people a mile away. People are attracted to them like bees to a honey. This is because a true happiness is such a rare thing, while negativity is abundant. Thus, people may not know why others are happy, but subconsciously they realize that they want to be around these people.

The reason is that happiness has a spills over effect to people all around us, making people happier just being in presence of happier people. The same goes for unhappiness, where as simply being around negative people makes us feel less happy. Practically, people want to be around happier people and away from the negative people.

As such, if you are happy, you can expect to have more friends, better relations, and just to be a center of attention, invited by other people to all sorts of social events. Reversibly, many unhappy people find themselves with few, if any friends, typically surrounded by other people who are less than happy with their lives.

Simply said, people want to be around happy people and they do more to keep them in their lives, such as:

  • Happy People Get More Money – On average, happier people receive higher salaries, get access to higher loans, receive better deals, sale more, and generally speaking have a better financial success compared to their less happy counterparts;
  • They Have Better Relationships – They have more and better friends, lovers, partners, they are treated better by strangers, who cheat them less, and give them an extra positive treatment, just because they are happier;
  • Better Health – They experience a longer and healthier lives, up to 10 years. This is because positive emotions relies chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, which strengthen immune system and help to push people beyond they normal state of pain, which is specially key in exercising and working our; And
  • Every other part of our life will be affected in a similar way by our state of happiness.

This is why we want to be happy!


Happiness Masters and Our mission

We believe that we can make a world a better place for everyone to live in and that to do so all we really need to do is to is to change how people think. Indeed, we can’t solve world hunger, stop wars, resolve world overpopulation problem, or give everyone an iPhone. We simply don’t have the reach and a know how to do so. We can, however, help people become happier and this alone should solve most underlying problems that lead to these problems, which leads to our mission.

As such, our mission is to:

  • Make a world a Happier place for everyone to live in, at least 1%
  • Share the best information possible on a topic of Happiness
  • Help people to reach their highest potential for happiness
  • Help people resolve and even eliminate negative emotions

You Too Can Become a Happiness Master

Happiness Masters are people just like you and me. The only difference is that they figured how to be happy.

We all started lost, confused, and hungry for truth. We start to look for happiness and we did our best. Still, road to happiness goes better for some people than for others. We have some successes along the way, learning some valuable life lessons. We also fail and learn completely wrong information, which prevents us from being as happy as we can be.

But, happiness is still possible. All we need to do is to face our demons, so to say, which we do by process of embracing correct happiness information and forgo the incorrect one. We move towards the Happiness Masters the more correct concepts we know and apply in our life.

Happiness Masters Offer

We all know who are these happy people among us. However, it is the first time in our lives that all these happiness experts are coming together in one place to teach us what it takes to be happy. We want to be around them and to know what is their secret for happiness.

Luckily enough, we don’t really need to look forward. Happiness Masters offer a great range of learning material, starting from blog, books, courses, and private courses which will help us to reach and maintain our potential level of happiness.

Happiness Book For Achieving Happiness

Rules of Happiness is a book written one of our main instructors about how to achieve happiness specifically in 21st century. This is a book that goes in length explaining where are the forces that contribute and prevent us from achieving happiness. This is original work in Happiness Masters that helps to explain what it takes to be happy and how to achieve it.

In the 8 chapters, you will discover:

  1. Modern Society and Happiness -How modern society makes us happier and fails to do so at the same time.
  2. Identity and Happiness – How of Identity is often sold to us by corporation, which have self interest that prevents us from being happy.
  3. Art of Happiness – How happiness is a study that comes from the routes of Psychology and we can apply to increase our general state of well being.
  4. Money and Happiness – How money helps us to be happy and how an ongoing search for it corrupts our soul.
  5. Relationships and Happiness – How we can achieve happiness though our relationship with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers.
  6. Health and Happiness – How by looking after our health, by the virtue of dieting and exercising, we can learn to be happy.
  7. Goal Setting and Happiness – How our search to purpose in life through achievement and goal setting will make us happy.
  8. Changing the World One Persona At A Time – How happiness comes from ecosystem whereas what we do makes a world a better place for everyone to live in.

Happiness Video Course

One of our most popular course about the topic of Happiness is now offered both in audio and video format. We broke it down into 3 level course, where as every level is building upon itself. These 3 levels are:

  1. Beginners
  2. Intermediates
  3. Advanced

Advanced course is not specifically better than the beginners in terms of information offered. However, the theory explained in the Beginners level is more practical in its nature, while the advanced level is more theoretical. The Advanced lessons are hared to implement into a personal life. However, if we can do so we will be much more happier than doing the same with the Beginners level lessons.

Designing Your Personal Plan for Happiness

Every person is different. This is for our students in Advanced Happiness Mastery course we have decided to create a personalized happiness plan. We simply realized that every person is different and therefore will require different lessons in order to achieve their potential. To do so we are looking for exact parts of lives individuals are succeeding and failing to be happy. We then create a personal plan for happiness, whereas we use a scientific approach to happiness to maximize these individuals happiness.

Essentially, we break peoples lives in different categories and see where people perform well and where they can improve. We, then, propose a course of action that will allow people to take their lives to a next level.