Health & Happiness

Fountain Of Youth – Perfect Health Is Now Possitlbe For You And For Me

I always have to laugh when I hear of overweight people going to the doctors and complaining about some unexpected pains and other health problem. Doctors do a lot of tests, measure blood pressure, sugar in the blood, and do many other tests and unavoidably conclude that these people are overweight. Shocker. They unavoidably tell people to stay away from…read more
Psychology Of Happiness

Motivation – A Necessary A** Kick We Need From Time To Time

People are afraid of negative emotions and try to avoid them like a cancer. Little do they realize that negative emotions are necessary, because they tell us that something is wrong in our lives. As Einstein once said that “darkness is absence of light” and therefore negative emotions are absence of positive emotions. If we feel negative, we need to…read more
Consumption & Happiness

Drink Coffee – Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy

At a Nutrition seminar, with Dutch leading nutritional coach (Jasper Alblas), I was listening to different benefits of eating healthier. The benefit that I remember the best was that better food equals more energy, better concentration and overall better performance. Respectively, if a person eats a lot of junk food, he will not be as energetic, concentrated and productive. This…read more