Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Golden Age of Ego & Individuality – How Why It Is Bad For Our Happiness

Current western society is directed to the notion of freedom. Every individual, every decision, every actions, are all directed towards the increase of individual freedom. We need to have more money, more fun, more holidays, more high-tech devices, more, more, more… Additionally, we want less work, less stress, less people telling us what to do, less rules, less, less, less……read more
Psychology Of Happiness

Why Knowing Psychology Behind 9 Main Colors Will Improve Our Lives

Colors are one of the most easily recognizable elements of the presentation of any product. If fact most products come in different colors. They play a role as they can make a product interesting or not. While this is true, majority of people are colorblind to effect of color on their buying decisions. Perception of colors comes from the spectrum…read more
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

More x Better x Faster – Meaning of Life & It’s Affect On Our Happiness

For centuries, people are looking for the meaning of lives, but in our society that is supposed to be the most advanced in the history of human kind, people are lost more than ever. Fundamentally, we cannot find the meaning of live without knowing who we are and why are we here. This blog, however, found a good definition, which…read more
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

10 Reasons to Turn Off your Computer, Phone & TV (right now)

Unless we are working, having switched on computer, a smart phone, a television, or any other similar information technology, may be something that we should consider switch it off immediately. Why is it so? 1 - Popular online, not popular in real life - Media, specially social media, creates illusion of being social, illusion of having friends and simply satisfying the social needs. The truth for the…read more