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Roman Russo HimselfMeet Roman Russo

“I shop therefore I am “ – Barbara Kruger

Since the young age I was always fascinated with Psychology and self-discovery opportunity it provided me. I wanted to make sense of the world and other people… no… actually, I wanted to manipulate them!

Truth to be told, I was very insecure individual at that young age. The only person who I really wanted to understand and manipulate was myself.

“Know yourself before knowing other people” – Lou Goldstein.

Psychology helped me to put things straight, but left me wondering, if at this young age I have these sort of thoughts, who else has them? I heard a saying “psychologists can read your mind“, but after studying psychology and I could not read anyone’s mind. Rather I could make general predictions about who people are and why they behave in a way that they do.

Later, following my parents advice, I gave up psychology to do a bachelors in Management, as there was no real career opportunity in this field of study and too much competition for the little opportunity that there was, so I chose Management. In retrospect it was a correct decision, professionally speaking, as while psychology is very interesting, most people end up doing something completely different. Management gave me a lot interesting insights and helped me to discover Marketing , which I call psychology of business. I made MBA in Tilburg University, Netherlands, where I specialized in Marketing. The story was not yet over, in fact it was just begging.

It is not a story of the end, but rather a story of the origins.” – Marvel Entertainment

Roman Narojnyi author of Unaffected by MarketingAs I began studying Marketing I quickly realized that a lot of people had bad opinions about marketers, as they were viewed as people who are there to sell other people products that people don’t need, which can be very well illustrated by the fallowing conversation I had with one of my students colleagues:

“Marketing is only good to make money. We will sell useless products to people and make millions out of them. We may destroy some lives in the process. So what? Everyone else seems to be doing the same. What, do you want to be a dentist or a doctor? No, no, no. Making money is the efficient thing you can do. We don’t have to be happy doing what you do, but we will get rich. After you have money you can buy happiness”.

This conversation left me with a big realization. Not only the consumers are skeptical about marketing but young marketers already know that they were there to cause harm. Was it what I was signing up for? Was I signing to become one more person who is there to destroy the world for the sacks of monetary gains? I was skeptical.

Several years after my studies, during a marketing conference attended by a list of top marketing specialists in the world, one of the topic that people could not avoid was the negative perception people have about marketing and what the companies could do about it. These marketing managers wanted to know how to sell their products, while people don’t realize that they are selling the product.

I leave symbols to the symbol-minded people.” – George Carlin

Event the top marketing specialist of the world were convinced that the only way to do business is to cheat and manipulate people into buying things that are bad for them, things that they often don’t need. I was still skeptical.

The reason I did not want to accept that my life was programmed to cause harm was because I could not understand what things marketers were selling and the people were buying, which are bad for them? Because if people are buying bad products and they know it, why don’t they just stop.

So I already knew that people were skeptical, but I not know what are the bad products, and I started to ask around and to do my research. My conclusion was that not only people don’t know the bad products they are consuming, but also even when pointed out that they are doing something that is bad for them they get defensive and deny it.

Marketing indeed managed to make people buy bad products, but more than that, it managed to blind people to this fact. Moreover, I believe that majority of today’s problems like obesity, procrastination, psychological disorders, wars and debt are problems are caused by marketing. Even more importantly, not only marketing cause these problem, but it can also resolve them.

Imagine your life marketing free. No problems, no pain, no hunger, no negative emotions, but happiness, prosperity and utopia for everyone!

Can’t be done? I will disagree. In fact, personally, writing by book and blog I found a formula to make my life into a living paradise and so can you. This is not another empty marketing claim either. People who attended my seminars called “Happiness today forever” can testify to my claims and so can you.