Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining – Judge Judy Solves Overpopulation

Have you heard of this controversial person called Judge Judy Sheindlin? She got famous for her reality TV program and her unconventional approach to law.

Most people, especially these who know her, will dismiss much of what she is saying just because she is controversial. They will do it, in the same way, they will dismiss Trump. But for all their controversy, both Trump and Judge Judy are also doing something right. We just don’t want to listen to what they are doing right thought. We are focused on the wrong. But we keep forgetting that all successful people are at least a bit controversial.

And I am not an exception. At first, I was also going to dismiss Judge Judy just because I heard of her controversial personality. Then, I completely felt in love with a title of her book: title “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining”. What a great title! I read this book very quickly. Now, I am proudly recommending it to everyone I know, especially politicians. I even think it could be one of the recommended books to read in law schools.

In her book she provides many examples how people are not taking responsibility, playing victims, and outright cheating the system. They do it all in expense to the system and the taxpayer’s money. When these people get away with this abuse, it only reinforces believe that they continue abusing the system.

This reminds me of one of my favorite series called “The Expanse”. There we are living in a world where 90% of the population is idle. In this sense, idleness, for me, has two meanings. The first meaning is positive. It comes from a world where everyone has enough. It is a place where we are rewarded for all we have achieved. Now we can finally relax as a society.

The second scenario is less positive. It is the world where everyone is taking advantage of the system and lives in expense to it. It is the world where politicians can’t do anything about these who are abusing the system. This is because everyone is abusing it. If they did anything, the crowds would rise against them, and they would have to lose their power.

Essentially, this is a vicious cycle. To break it we would have to break some of our current beliefs, behaviors, and take action. We need to take responsibility. This is where the controversial stands have to come in.

Issue with overpopulation

One specific case is especially close to my heart. Judge Judy speaks of abusive, drug addicted, and in other ways bad parents. They are unfit to sustain themselves. Yet, they are constantly having children. Children, at hand, are suffering and become a burden for everyone, including society. For most of them, there is no future. They will continue being dysfunctional, and may take drugs, or will even commit a crime. But, no one can prevent these people from having children. In fact, it is a constitutional to even suggest this as why should someone tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies?

But there is more. What about teenage pregnancy? In these cases, children become a burden for their parents and often society. And there are many other cases where everyone would be better off if there would be a restriction. In fact, I am an advocate for the fact that we need to deal with an issue of unsustainable growth of human population. I believe that it is responsible for biggest problems that we have today, like hunger, depletion of natural resources, pollution, and so on.

In fact, listening to Judge Judy, I am even more convinced that something has to happen. We should, for example, restrict certain people from having children. People who are drug addicted, these who have more than say three children, or in some other way cannot be trusted with raising children, should not be allowed to have children. Heavy punishments should apply to them, not welfare.

Indeed, in my favorite film called “Enders Games”, they have a legal restriction for having more than two children. In another series I watched, called “Legends of Tomorrow”, all future food is sugar-free. Everyone knows what has to happen, Yet no one is willing to stand strongly behind these decisions. It’s controversial you see.

So yes, I believe that people should have permission if they want to have more than two children. Also, I believe that this restriction should be worldwide imposed. Of course, people should be able to apply to have exceptions. Still, if someone has children that they don’t want, abortion should always be an option. In certain cases, it should be mandatory.

And, of course, I know that there are other ways we can fight overpopulation. For example, higher education seems to be a solution. People who are more educated tend to have fewer children. They also tend to have them later in life. But that does not stop poor people from having 7 or 8 children is they so want to. This is even if everyone knows that they cannot sustain them, even if they have bad lives, or became a burden to themselves and society.

We are pro-life, you see. Human life. No one cares about the life of the planet, though, or that of the other animals who live on it. Even if by protecting these lives we are ultimately killing all of us in a long-run. Future will resolve itself, they say. Technology will solve us, they say.

While we wait, I rather trust people like Judge Judy to keep protecting our interest. I mean, she is now retired. But even after her retirement, she is still influencing in a high degree our law. She is one of the few who is doing the right thing.

This is why I say let’s be controversial. Let’s do the politically incorrect thing. Let’s stop caring for these who don’t care for us or even for themselves. Let’s read this book of Judge Judy and let’s implement many of her proposed reforms. They will certainly make the world a better place to live for everyone.

Article by Roman Russo

Author, Blogger & Happiness Coach. Just published my first book called - HOW TO ACT NORMAL !!! It is about how Marketing failing to make us Happy and what we can do about it. Indeed, we are surrounded my marketing every day, but we seldom think what is an accumulative effect of all these ads does to our Psychology and Happiness. Still, happiness today and forever is possible. The only thing we need it to change the way we think! The goal is to make this world a happier place for everyone to live, as happier world will be a better place to live in. Do you agree? Please help me spread this cause!

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