How I Faked My Own Wedding

Recently I have attended a wedding of one of my friends and took a very good picture with her. In a way, everyone was dressed nice so I though that in that picture it looked like I got married to the bride.

After waiting time for bride to post her pictures online, which is obviously a 21st century problem, I posted my photo.

The header of the picture said: “Got married”, which with suggestion of my flat mate, with whom I was laughing hysterically, it became “GOT MARRIED – Best day of my life!” I further changed my FB status to “Married”.

On Sunday around 23h00 everything was live and anticipation was high.

In my mind I was thinking that if I posted next day in the morning that for a great response rate I needed to wait for the next day, but what kind of good ideas come in the morning? Still it was a joke, so waiting was not important.

Few seconds later Facebook exploded!

Who knew that everyone’s favorite time to check their FB is on Sunday evening? Well I did, because quite honestly, everyone’s favorite time to check it is ALWAYS.

In next hour I received comments, private messages and phone calls from friends and family. Even few people from the time zones where it was middle of the night called me.

Everyone was talking. Many were happy and congratulated me, some were confused, many were laughing, some were angry and demanding to take down the photo.

My gosh! Here is a good a way to reconnect with old friends and to have the whole family talking.

My friend who was in the picture also contacted me…

She liked the joke, saying “It was indeed the best day of my life ;);))))

In my mind I knew that she would understand. We have that sort of connection.

I have not heard much from her new husband, who is the best man! But I’m sure he understood. I hope so… oh Gosh…

I promised myself that I would let everyone know by Tuesday evening, in two days, that it is a joke, just in case. Then I will post the remaining of my photos that will show what really happened.

I am very curious about how people will react and whether I will still have friends after that .

I think it is kind of original and interesting present for the couple, as their relationship will be so much more better talked and discussed. A 21st century present as I like to think about it. Congratulations guys!

Overall, social media is a powerful platform for producing and sharing information. It is a platform of trust, where information is received at its face value.

In fact, marketing research has long demonstrated that we trust information coming from media like TV, Internet and books. But should we really trust it?

Article by Roman Russo

Author, Blogger & Happiness Coach. Just published my first book called - HOW TO ACT NORMAL !!! It is about how Marketing failing to make us Happy and what we can do about it. Indeed, we are surrounded my marketing every day, but we seldom think what is an accumulative effect of all these ads does to our Psychology and Happiness. Still, happiness today and forever is possible. The only thing we need it to change the way we think! The goal is to make this world a happier place for everyone to live, as happier world will be a better place to live in. Do you agree? Please help me spread this cause!

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