Happiness Mistakes (Book)

After 4,5 years of writing I am proud to announce that I finally finished my book called:

How to Act Normal, By Acting Crazy, In a World of Influence

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Why Normal?

This book is about what it truly takes to be “NORMAL” in todays “CRAZY” world. But no one can really knows what Normality is. This is because of the biggest “INFLUENCE” of modern world called “MARKETING”.

We see marketing everywhere we go and slowly and steadily it changes our opinions, believes, and who we really are. But we should not trust marketing as often it is also driven by self-interest and it is subject to constant change and misinterpretation.

Moreover, what used to by NORMAL yesterday can be absurd today, which is perhaps why so many people act CRAZY. They really trying to act NORMAL, but they are stuck forever trying to figure our impossible puzzle that prevents them from being HAPPY.

Why Happiness?

Thus, the question become how anyone can be truly HAPPY if they cannot even be NORMAL?

Marketing teaches us that in order to be HAPPY we need to have certain possession, such are cars, money, and lovers. In turn, it teaches us that if we don’t have these things we should not be HAPPY. But, there are millions of things that we are told that we should have, meaning virtually no one can have it all.

But there is still hope for HAPPINESS, as happiness is a study, meaning that virtually everyone can learn to be happy, if we just do the right things.

Why Marketing?

Originally, I wanted to write a book on a topic of “How Not To Be Affected My MARKETING”. This is because, there was no such book on the market. Indeed, there were pockets of information here and there on how we should live, but no easy to read source. And “when a product that does not exist still, it is your obligation to create it”, as a popular say goes.

And while some people will say that they are not affected by marketing I will ask these people: Do we wear branded clothes? Do we eat branded food? Do we drink branded beverages? Do we use any other brands in any other areas of your life? Chances are we will be able to come up with at least a dozen brands, proving once and for all that we are affected by marketing. If you can’t come up with any names, I will predict that you don’t live in the “civilized” world and I would be curious to hear how you got you found my book, as probably you should not even know what Internet is.

Furthermore, I would ask everyone whether they would like to be HAPPY, RICH, HEALTHY, HAVE GREAT SOCIAL CIRCLE, AND HAVE A CLEAR MISSION IN LIFE? This is because all these things becomes obvious once we figure our what is positive and negative about what Marketing teaches us. As such, we simply discard the negatives and keep the positives.  Would not this kind of living be wonderful?


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